2020 PROPs Award: Winners and Nominees

75 nominations were submitted for the 2020 PROPs Awards (Peers Recognizing Other Peers)

Jan. 20, 2021

In this unprecedented year, 75 nominations were submitted from across the division for the 2020  PROPs Awards (Peers Recognizing Other Peers). Winners from each category were recognized at our annual Employee Appreciation Event that took place virtually on December 11, 2020.

Congratulations to all of the winners and nominees! You make our division a great place to work, and your efforts are sincerely appreciated. Winners from each category are noted below in bold.

Bright Beginning Award
Recognizes a recently hired employee (<1 year) who has made notable, positive contributions to the workgroup.
Katie Stouffs-Grimes FM-AVP
MeChale Johnson DOTS
Joshua Drucker DOTS
Raquel Gayle FM - O&M
Cindy Pol FM - FBO
Consider It Done Award
Recognizes someone who exemplifies a can-do attitude, eagerly accepts new responsibility and always follows through, and is reliable and can be counted on to get things done well and on time.
Amanda Baker DOTS
Alonzo Banks FM - O&M
Ansonia Saunders P&SS
Belinda Wharton FM - FBO
Brian Trest FM - O&M
Carlos Castillo Finance
Chris Fukui UHR
Cindy Lui Finance
Dan Hayes FM - P&C
Dawn Darr DOTS
Edward Case ESSR
Geoff Caruso FM - P&C
Greg Sigmund FM - O&M
Greg Stup FM - O&M
John Cho Finance
Kevin Curtis ESSR
Lance Gregory Beasley P&SS
Lucy Sanchez P&SS
Marta Woldu DOTS
Megan Smolinski FM - B&LM
Nan Zhang FM - FBO
Pamela McNally P&SS
Rich Wilson FM - O&M
Richard Gutierrez Public Safety
Zach Eide FM - O&M
Damian Griffie FM- FBO
Robin Rice P&SS
Ronald Llobrera ESSR
Ronnie Roerig FM - P&C
Sarah Babineau UHR
Sean Rewers FM - O&M
Sheila Williams DOTS
Stacy Sims UHR
Tiffany Zook FM - FBO
The Safety & Preparedness Award
Recognizes someone who has made an outstanding contribution to safety or emergency preparedness.
Ronald Llobrera ESSR
Keith Sullivan FM - O&M
Christopher McPhearson DOTS
Brian Trest  FM - O&M
Glynnis Bowman FM - Safety/Emergency Mgt
Sam Fletcher FM - Safety/Emergency Mgt
The Team Impact Award
Recognizes a team that has worked together and gone above and beyond to make an outstanding contribution to a specific project or effort.

P&SS - COVID-19 Supply Ordering

DOTS - Marketing


FM - FBO Customer Response Center

FM - FBO Information Technology

FM - FBO Accounts Payable


FM - FBO Incident Response

FM - B&LM/ICA Housekeepers

FM - B&LM Landscapers

P&SS - Mail Services

FM - BL&M and Partners/Community Learning Garden

ESSR - Occupational Safety and Health

ESSR - Office of Environmental Affairs

FM - B&LM Pest Control

P&SS - Physical Distribution

P&SS - Printing Services and Copy Center

Finance - Student Financial Services Cashier's Office

DOTS - Transit Operations Supervisors

UHR - COVID Leadership Team

VPAF - Program Management Office

Daily COVID Indicators Team

FM - Signs & Graphics

The Leadership Excellence Award
Recognizes a supervisor who embodies the principles of leadership excellence (formerly ThriveU) by communicating with clarity, leading with strengths, and works to build a thriving environment for their team.
Carlos Contreras FM - O&M
Mary Dorman ESSR
Jenifer Newman FM - B&LM
Vanessa Chaparro DOTS
Jason Gilman FM - O&M
Cara Fleck Plewinski DOTS
James Newman P&SS


The appreciation videos for division employees and directors that were screened at the event are linked below.